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The Modern Servant Leader founder, Ben Lichtenwalner, brings a fresh perspective to the message of leadership for contemporary professionals. His energy and enthusiasm for authentic leaders and their potential to change organizations, is contagious. He brings just the right touch of humor and sincerity to keep audiences engaged and committed. Ben also brings insightful and meaningful content that includes:

  • Messages tailored to your audience
  • Specific actions for leaders to take immediately after the session
  • Free and discounted content for follow up, after the event

His most frequently sought topics include:

  • Leadership
  • Digital Media
  • Diversity
  • eCommerce

If you’re interested in Ben for your meeting or event, Schedule an Exploratory Call.

Praise for Ben's Keynotes

Ayana Parsons
Ayana Parsons
Executive Talent & Leadership Advisor
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If you look at the way Ben works the stage, works the audience - he throws in humor, he tells stories - he’s actually a masterful storyteller. These are all some of the characteristics that I would look for in a speaker I am looking to hire for an event.
Ted Rubin
Ted Rubin
Author, Connector, Provocateur
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This is the guy. If you want to inspire people - but more importantly, this isn’t about inspiring people that they jump up out of their seats and get all excited. This is about getting through to people the understanding of what’s most important.
Elliott Ferguson
Elliott Ferguson
President & CEO
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He connects with the audience, he delivers information that is very compelling, that’s thought-provoking... ... I think the key thing is that there is a trust factor with certain speakers that you either get - or you don’t get. It’s pretty immediate and it can turn a person off,. Ben has that trust factor.
Roland Schmidt
Roland Schmidt
Director of Software
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Ben's background and real-life experience make him a very credible speaker. As a presenter, he makes you want to listen and it's like reading your favorite book - you just don't want to put that book down... I would say, get him while you can!
Susan Armstrong
Susan Armstrong
Director of Business Development & US Operations
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It was very informative! Ben did a great job. The time went by super quickly and all of the information was very relevant. You could see what was happening in your daily life through the principles he covered... Very engaging!
Vashti Adderl
Vashti Adderl
Supervisor, App Support
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I absolutely learned EVERYTHING. I learned so many things from this class. I have learned more than I have from any other class... The engagement, the breakout sessions, and everybody taking time to learn things... You get the thumbs up for this one - both thumbs!

Servant Leadership Presentations

Servant Leadership Keynotes

Most servant leadership speakers focus on a specific version of servant leadership. Some focus on the religious perspective, many use a single person’s definition, others have their own unique model. Most people hire Ben for his comprehensive view and flexibility in tailoring servant leadership perspectives for your unique needs. He’s studied servant leadership for over 15 years and focused on compiling the many different views and versions into one, comprehensive yet simple to understand model. If you want your audience to understand the core concepts of servant leadership, and it’s applicability to your organization, with lots of great take aways, then Schedule an Exploratory Call.


Technology & Leadership

21st Century Leadership Communication

There’s never been a better time to lead. Executives from 10 or 20 years ago would have paid millions of dollars for access to the communication tools you have – for free – on your smartphone. Depending on your need, Ben covers topics from inspirational messages on the power and potential leaders have, to detailed tactics for looking one’s best online. So if you need a great message on digital media for leaders in your audience, with lots of great take aways, then schedule an exploratory call.

BONUS: Get Your Custom Branded Book!

A Truly Unique & Valuable Takeaway!

Give your attendees a truly unique and powerful takeaway with a custom book, tailored to your business or organization. With this option, Ben works with you and your team to capture the history, values, mission, and vision of your organization. He can even include specific stories and examples provided by your people in the book. Your unique inputs are then merged and aligned with The Acronym Model of SERVANT Leadership®. The result is custom book, aligned to both Ben’s message on stage and your organization. Use these books for:

More Testimonials

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Here’s a video with a bunch more folks talking about Ben and  the quality of his keynotes.

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