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Unique Coaching for Your Unique Circumstances

Modern Servant Leader founder, Ben Lichtenwalner, takes on a few clients a year. Although he focuses exclusively on individuals seeking to build their servant leadership expertise in work, play, and life, he’s always willing to have an exploratory call.

Ben Lichtenwalner Relaxing by Grand River at the Blue Bridge in Grand Rapids. He wears blue jeans, a salmon dress shirt and light blue sports jacket as he reclines in a park chair.

90 Day Transition Coach

90 Day Transition Coach - Coaching for business professionals and businesses with new hires or recently promoted individuals. This image shows MSL Founder Ben Lichtenwalner sitting down for a casual conversation with Jim Hunter, author of the SERVANT.

Want to Ensure the Greatest Success for You and the Team?

When you hire or promote an employee, the first 90 days are critical. Those first 3 months will set the tone for both the employee’s expectations of the company and the company’s expectations of the individual. So how do you ensure the greatest success for both employee and company? Hire a 90 Day Transition Coach. 

For years, one of our most popular resources at Modern Servant Leader has been our 90 Day Transition Outline. We’ve updated that file and the presentation can  still be downloaded here (Powerpoint or Acrobat PDF format).

Every situation is unique. If you want to ensure the greatest success, consider hiring us for your transition coaching needs. 

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