Servant Leadership Course:
7 Principles to Enhance Employee Engagement & Increase Productivity

The most contemporary course for modern servant leaders. 

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In fact, I understand completely.


If we haven’t met, I’m Ben Lichtenwalner, founder of Modern Servant Leader. I have been a lifelong student of leadership, and have been helping develop better leaders through my courses and programs since 2004.


I have experienced firsthand that poor leadership destroys the morale, enthusiasm, and drive of what were engaged and dedicated employees. I spent too many years watching the fire be put out in formerly passionate, hard-working people.


After being put in a position where I was to implement the directives of poor leaders in a way that was detrimental to both employees and companies, I vowed then and there to do all I could to help prevent as many people as possible from working for bad bosses.


And that’s why I created my 7 Core Leadership Principles To Enhance Employee Engagement & Improve Profitability course.

Servant Leadership Course:
7 Principles to Enhance Employee Engagement & Increase Productivity

In this on-demand, self-paced, online leadership course you will:

Who This Course is For

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HR Professionals

Are you a Human Resources professional seeking a course or leadership model for application across your organization? Your entire team will benefit from this immersive, comprehensive, online leadership course.

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Currently in a management position and looking to build, enhance your leadership style? Find immediately actionable information in this course that will result in an upward shift in productivity, morale, and engagement of your team.

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Emerging Leaders

You’ve proven your technical and tactical capabilities and are advancing in your current role. The next logical position is in management. This course will help you develop, refine, and master an effective leadership style that will help you achieve success throughout your career.

What Makes This Course Different

There are so many online leadership courses, classes, and seminars available. What makes this course any different?


The 7 Core Leadership Principles To Enhance Employee Engagement & Improve Profitability course was designed with comprehensivity in mind.


This course amalgamates my two decades of practice and research into history’s most prominent thought leaders in the industry, making the core principles of leadership easy to understand and practice so that you can become (and develop) better leaders.


What makes the 7 Core Leadership Principles different? Watch this video…

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Leadership Lessons for Modern Leaders

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Frequently Asked Questions

A lack of leadership has profound and lasting effects on the workplace.According to Business Insider, ⅓ of employees leave their jobs due to their management[1] and according to the Pew Research Center, less than half of Americans are satisfied in their current jobs.[2]

Yes. If your organization is better suited to in-person leadership training, I deliver my comprehensive leadership programs in person at your location.

Absolutely. Congratulations on recognizing that leadership skills are an integral part of career development and team management. If you are interested in leadership coaching, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Yes. Studies show that effective leadership is paramount for running a productive business with an engaged team and a positive company culture. We are far more likely to apply what we invest in; investing in a leadership program will have lasting benefits for your company.

My priority is for you and your organization to succeed. Therefore, it is important that I make the course accessible for all. When you benefit from the course, I expect we may have opportunities to partner further. This makes it all worth it.

Sure! Some points to highlight include:

  1. The principles taught are universal and applicable to your field and industry.
  2. The lessons include insights from well-known and respected leadership experts like Cheryl Bachelder, Dale Carnegie, John Maxwell, Sheryl Sandberg, John Wooden, and many more.
  3. The emphasis is on real-world, actionable practices you can apply quickly.
  4. You receive a personalized development plan.
  5. You receive tips on how to share what you learned with your employer and team.
  6. Courses that cost twice as much have half as much material and are based on the insights of a single teacher, not a comprehensive rollup of dozens.

You can also copy and paste from a template email we provide here.

This is an on-demand program, so you can complete it as quickly or slowly as you wish. My suggestion is to complete 1 module a week, taking you about 8 weeks to complete the course. This enables you enough time to properly digest and apply each component without feeling overwhelmed or forgetting important attributes. You will have access to the material for 6 months.

Yes. A 30-day, 100% refund.

Yes, for groups of 10 or more, please contact me.

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  • Core Leadership Principles to Enhance Employee Engagement & Improve Profitability.




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