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The Words to Lead By book collection displays the book cover in available formats: eBook on a tablet and hardcopy in a softcover book.

WORDS TO LEAD BY: Hundreds of Leadership Quotes Organized by the Greatest Leadership Principles

Whether you lead 1 or 1,000, these quotes will inspire and motivate you. Inside is both ageless wisdom and insights from contemporary thought-leaders, all organized by the greatest leadership principles.

This amazing compilation includes wisdom from John Quincy Adams to Malala Yousafzai. What are you waiting for? Dive in now for brilliant leadership guidance.

PARADIGM FLIP: Leading People, Teams, and Organizations Beyond the Social Media Revolution

How would Abraham Lincoln use social media? Could social media prevent another Hitler from rising to power? How will you use social media to advance your mission?

Leadership has never been easy, but the technology available today can help. Whether you run a Fortune 500 business, an INC 500 company, a department, a non-profit, a church or you’re just getting started with a personal mission, Paradigm Flip can help. The timeless examples, tools, principles and techniques will help your leadership grow. Now, are you ready to flip your paradigm?

Paradigm Flip Book Collection image. A copy of Paradigm Flip: Leading People, Teams, and Organizations Beyond the Social Media Revolution is displayed in each of the following formats - softcover print, audiobook on a phone, and ebook on a tablet.

Servant Leadership at YOUR ORGANIZATION

Get a custom book created about leadership at your organization. These completely unique books highlight the culture, mission, values, and history of your organization before connecting them to servant leadership principles. The result is a reflection of your leadership and organizational culture combined with an introduction to servant leadership principles. These books are popular handouts at conferences and events where Ben is giving a keynote or running a training session.  Ask Ben how you can get your custom book today.


The Servant Leadership 101: Introduction to Servant Leadership Principles course logo is the Modern Servant Leader logo, with a graduation cap on top. Surrounding it is each of the 6 session icons. Underneath it is the phrase: Servant Leadership 101.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP 101: The Free, Independent, Weekly, Self-Study Course

Want to learn about servant leadership? Want to know what servant leadership is, how it got started, where it’s in practice today and more? This is the first (and only) course like this I am aware of. Because it’s new though, I’m offering it for free – at least until I get all the kinks worked out. Sign up below. When finished, you’ll even receive a Certificate of Completion.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP FUNDAMENTALS: Live, In Person or Virtual, One Day Training

If you or your organization are interested in a more comprehensive, dynamic, and interactive session, check out this course. Ben leads these sessions in person or virtually and includes group discussions and exercises. Click below to chat with Ben about upcoming dates or schedule a custom session for your organization.

Founder Ben Lichtenwalner stands and speaks in a meeting rom, gesturing to his left as he speaks, surrounded by executives who look and listening intently.


A screenshot of the Bonfire clothing website products. A collection of 6 t-shirts and sweatshirts, in varying colors, is displayed. All have the upside down triangle and word SERVE displayed on the front.

SERVE Branded T-Shirts & Sweatshirts

Want to proudly promote you support for and belief in servant leadership? These bold statement shirts and sweatshirts are just the ticket. Get yours now at our Bonfire store online.

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