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The Modern Servant Leader’s Servant Leadership 101 Certificate Course is the best program for anyone interested in the fundamentals of servant leadership. Most servant leadership courses focus on one aspect of servant leadership. Some are based on a single person’s perspective, some are exclusively faith-based, and still others have no research to support their model. This course is different.


This certificate program examines all the most popular leadership models and includes the best of each, prioritizing the attributes and principles shared across them all. We also include a history of the most popular servant leadership models and emphasize real-world, actionable, and practical workplace application.

The Servant Leadership 101: Introduction to Servant Leadership Principles course logo is the Modern Servant Leader logo, with a graduation cap on top. Surrounding it is each of the 6 session icons. Underneath it is the phrase: Servant Leadership 101.

Frequently Asked Questions

Modern Servant Leader is primarily a free resource, dedicated to building servant leadership awareness, adoption, and application. The founder of MSL offers custom courses, keynotes, training, and consulting. If you desire more in depth servant leadership services, hopefully the course inspires you to hire Ben. Either way, our introductory course has always been and will always be, free!

We are frustrated by the fragmentation of servant leadership models. As a result, it is part of our mission to unify the best across all models. If you want to see exactly how we incorporate dozens of leadership models (including many servant leadership models), check out the Leadership Map.

At the completion of the course, you will receive an email to your unique certificate.

Each session in the course is emailed to you, one week at a time. There are 7 sessions. So you can complete the course in approximately 7 weeks.

If you are interested in learning the fundamentals of servant leadership, this course is for you. We cover the basics, including key principles, a little bit of history and contemporary issues and opportunities facing servant leadership practitioners.

Course Outline

The course includes 6 lessons, delivered weekly to your inbox. All you have to is subscribe to updates (or already be subscribed) and request the course. There’s a simple form for this below. The lessons are listed here.

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