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A student Servant Leadership club fights cancer, registered nurse chooses servant leadership over charismatic, while project managers & agile leaders reflect...

Servant Leadership NewsThe beginning of 2011 brings with it news of a student servant leadership club that’s fighting their teacher’s cancer and a prominent servant leadership center changing it’s name. There are also great blog posts, including articles on servant leadership in the software development, project management and nursing fields as well as a great post on the importance of confidence for servant leaders. Although updates for the Events section are light this month, there remains plenty to keep us busy and reading here – enjoy! And, as always, please drop some feedback on The Modern Servant Leader.

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The Journal-Standard: Students Raise Funds for Teacher Battling Cancer
A group of students in a servant leadership program tackle a fund raiser to help their local teacher fight breast cancer.

Daily News (Tanzania): Agents of Change and Servant Leadership
Columnist Young Kimaro reported on a sermon by Clive Ashton from the Training for Life program in Moshi and Morogoro at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) chapel in Moshi. Kimaro reflected: “Yes, the world has its share of lesser and undeserving beings holding power… Clinging to power unto death by such leaders has bloodied Sudan, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast and others, tainting and impoverishing the continent.”

Small Business Advocate: The Pinnacle of Leadership is Servant Leadership
Jim Blasingame of Small Business Radio on the Small Business Advocate, conducted a brief (6 minute) interview of Len Marrella, author of “In Search of Ethics” on the topic of Servant Leadership.

Emmanuel College: Inaugural G. Earl Beatty Honorary Servant Leadership Award
Emmanuel College established a new annual award for Servant Leadership. In it’s inaugural year, the award was presented to the man who’s name the award will bare: Dr. G. Earl Beatty, the retired Executive Vice President of the college.

Greenleaf Center: Greenleaf Scholars Submissions Due March 14th
From “The purpose of the program is to select and support promising early career scholars and professionals who wish to study the impact of servant leadership…”. All submissions are due by March 14th.

Collective Voices: Collective Voices (formerly Northfork Center for Servant Leadership)
Just weeks after I named Dr. Jack King the top servant leadership Tweeter in 2010, the organization he promotes changed it’s name from NorthFork Center for Servant Leadership to Collective Voices! Of course, they’re still doing great things for servant leaders.


Greenleaf Center: Leadership Institute for Educators (LIFE)
A reminder from last month: The Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership will host its 17th Leadership Institute for Educators (LIFE) Conference on March 3-4, 2011 in Downtown Indianapolis.

BLOGS Leadership Styles in Nursing: A Comparison of Charismatic vs. Servant Leadership
In this post, author and registered nurse, Donna Owen, compares and contrasts Charismatic Leadership vs. Servant Leadership as well as the term management vs. leadership.

International Community of Project Managers: Servant Leadership (Egoism, Utilitarianism, Altruism)
Author Derek Huether does an excellent job of summarizing, in short from, why he chooses to practice servant leadership in his field of project management. Included in his post is a great graphic and comparison between Egoism, Utilitarianism and Altruism.

Leadership With Sass: Having the Confidence to Serve
Linda Sasser wrote this great post on an often overlooked attribute of Servant Leadership – confidence. In the post, Sasser explains how, especially in today’s society, servant leaders must have the confidence to serve and build their teams to be the best possible.

Johan Mathson: Leadership and Love – Why They Are a Perfect Match
In this blog post, Mathson writes on Ken Blanchard and Colleen Barrett’s new book, Lead With LUV: A Different Way to Create Real Success. The post includes reflections from Southwest Airlines, of course, as well as WD-40 Company.

Call of the Wild: Leadership Tip From The Prime Minister David Cameron
On the Call of the Wild (Corporate Development Events) the blog suggests the current UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, represents servant leadership when calling for banks to pay smaller bonuses and become more socially responsible.

Sojourners: On Becoming a Servant Leader, Seven myths and seven paradoxes of Christian leadership
Author Dan R. Ebener explores seven myths and paradoxes of Christian Servant Leadership – most of which are relevant to all forms of servant leadership.

Scrum Alliance: Achieving Agile Leadership
Author Heitor Roriz Filho reflects on a couple of different leadership styles, especially situational and servant leadership, then considers their implications in Agile development leadership positions: “For the Agile Leader, servanthood is the strategy.”

January Posts from The Modern Servant Leader

For the Agile Leader, servanthood is the strategy.For the Agile Leader, servanthood is the strategy.


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