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A Nigerian professor accuses his government of lacking servant leadership, while an official in the Philippines highlights examples within his government...

Servant Leadership NewsThe close of 2010 brought a great deal of quality servant leadership news and outstanding new blog posts from around the world. From a Nigerian professor condemning government officials for not practicing servant leadership, to a government official in the Philippines reinforcing their growing interest in these principles, there is much to read in the news. In addition, the quality blog posts seemed unending in December. Some of my favorite posts included: a reflection on servant leadership in the military, one on the practice of servant leadership in federal agencies and even a piece describing how Santa Clause is the ultimate servant leader! So block some time for getting through this edition of the Servant Leadership Observer. I suspect you will find a great number of articles you want to read. I know I did.

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U.S. News Las Vegas: Coloma Tells Govt. Execs: ‘Be Servant Leaders…’
In the Philippines, Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Secretary Sonny Coloma, urged government officials to be servant leaders. In a presentation to the Association of Regional Executive Managers of Metro Manila (AREMM), Coloma highlighted examples of government officials in the region already practicing the principles.

The Sun: 2010 Ahiajoku: Lecturer takes politicians to the cleaners
At the 34th annual Ahiajoku Lecture, organized by the Imo State government in Nigeria, Professor Chinedu Ositadinma Nebo gave an assertive speech against existing officials. He explained that what Nigeria needs is greater servant leadership.

Unity Health Care: 2010 Servant Leadership Award
Dr. Janelle Goetcheus, described by Dr. Stuart F. Seides, Chairman of the District of Columbia Medical Society, as the “Mother Theresa of Washington,” was recently recognized by Unity Health Care. They created an excellent video to mark the occasion on YouTube.

Catholic Messenger: First Session of Servant Leadership Program Concludes
The Diocese of Davenport in Iow City concluded the first session of their servant leadership program: “the purpose of the Servant Leadership Institute is “to nurture the philosophy and the practice of servant leadership in order to develop parish servant leaders within the Diocese of Davenport.”

Journal Times: Friends, Family Bring an Early Present to Leadership Racine’s Director & Her Ailing Husband
A heart-warming event for a servant leader and her family, going through a difficult time. Alumni and current participants of Leadership’s Racine came out to sing carols and give good wishes to servant leader and Executive Director Karen Bayer, and her husband, in their time of need.


Gonzaga University: Servant Leadership Course Offered Online
Taught by Larry Spears and Shann Ferch: How do servant-leaders understand the meaning and applications of servant-leadership? What is the meaning of servant-leadership for individuals, and for organizations with whom they come into contact? These and other questions are at the heart of student mastery for this course…

Greenleaf Center: Leadership Institute for Educators (LIFE)
The Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership will host its 17th Leadership Institute for Educators (LIFE) Conference on March 3-4, 2011 in Downtown Indianapolis.


Armed Forces Journal: The Humble Leader
Shanan Farmer wrote an excellent piece on the potential for servant leadership success in the military. In this piece, Farmer references a significant study on servant leadership principles in the military, conducted by the National Defense University

Build a Better Workplace: Santa revealed: 10 secrets from the ultimate servant leader
Tom Terez wrote a great piece on Santa Clause’s incredible model of servant leadership. Yes, there is a good deal of humor, but the principles are amazingly accurate!

Leader Snips: An Exercise in Servant Leadership & Empathy
Chip Sholz shares an exercise from Happiness at Work: Be Resilient, Motivated and Successful – No Matter What, by Srikumar Rao. In which we learn to be other-focused.

NorthFork Center for Servant Leadership: Paths Crossing
Dr. Jack King shares an excerpt from GaWaNi Pony Boy (“Pony”), the acclaimed Native American (Cherokee) horseman’s, book  Horse, Follow Closely: Native American Horsemanship NorthFork Center for Servant Leadership –

Ann McGee-Cooper & Associates: Courage in Growth
Lt. Matt Kosec describes the need for servant leaders to have courage in growth, through an interview with a monk, in this part of a series. One of my favorite quotes included, “The servant leader views every problem in the world as beginning within themselves. What can I do to better this situation or problem?”

Domestic Service Success: Do You Know a Servant Leader?
Author Jim Grise provides a perspective on servant leadership for professionals in the private estate management field.

You’re Not the Boss of Me: Servant Leadership…Creating an Environment of Service
Gwyn Teatro writes about some the challenges in servant leadership’s terminology and describes the core as being understanding the overarching purpose.

Leadership Styles: Hanuman – The Apostle of Servant Leadership
The author of this post describes how Hanuman, the character in the epic Ramayana, is a great example of servant leadership.

Washington Post: Servant Leadership In Federal Agencies
Tom Fox, the “Federal Coach”, answers a readers question on how to practice servant leadership in Federal agencies.

Two Handed Warriors: The Paradox of Power: A Cure for the Cancer of Pseudo Celebrity?
Dr. Gary David Stratton writes about how we must be careful, in this era of social media dominance, not to confuse pseudo celebrity leadership with heroic servant leadership.

KMart In Africa: It’s Mutual
Katie Martin, who just began working with Purse of Hope in Uganda, writes a beautiful, transparent and candid piece on her initial sentiments and revelation of her role as a servant leader.

Transform Your Life: Was the Meanness Meter High in 2010?
Blog author, Mark Freier, reflects on an NPR message about how the “meannes meter” was pretty high last year. In his reflection, Mark identifies opportunities for us all to reduce hypocrisy.

St. Joseph’s Marist College Blog: Servant Leadership
The author of this post did a great job highlighting many of the challenges opposing the development of servant leadership principles today – especially among youth.

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