Servant Leadership Observer – October 2011

Servant Leadership NewsWelcome to the October edition of the Servant Leadership Observer. This month brought several news events, including a release by the C12 group highlighting the benefits of servant leadership in business. The Greenleaf Center has announced their first of three virtual certificate courses will begin in January. In addition, there is an interesting blog post on the NFL Titans quarterback Matt Hasselbeck as a servant leader.

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Columbus Ledger-Enquirer: Former Red Cross exec Vikki Pryor addresses Servant Leadership Conference
This piece recaps Pryor’s keynote at the Pastoral Institute’s annual Servant Leadership Conference. I had the good fortune to hear Pryor at the Greenleaf conference a couple years ago and highly recommend her.

Reporter News: McMurry University Dorm Chaplain Program Declared a Huge Success
Two years into the program, this article explains how every hall has either a resident chaplain or a resident servant leader.

The Gleaner: Servant Leaders – the Real Heroes
This is an excerpt of a speech by GraceKennedy CEO Don Wehby, delivered at the United Student Movement inauguration ceremony at North Carribean University.

U.S. Department of Defense: DOD, Other Agencies Celebrate ‘Feds Feed Families’ Success
“DOD led 40 government agencies, donating 2,004,613 of a total 5,793,446 pounds of nonperishable food items to feed children, senior citizens and families…” At a celebration event, Jo Ann Rooney, principal deputy undersecretary of defense called participants servant leaders.

eTruth: Goshen (IN) Mayoral Candidates Speak to Servant Leadership
In a discussion at Goshen College, which has a theme this year of servant leadership, mayoral candidates Kauffman & Riegsecker spoke of their perspectives on these principles.

PRWeb: Applying Timeless Truths Drives Superior Business Performance
According to this piece, “The C12 Group, reports a surprising positive impact from adoption of Biblical servant leadership principles.” I was not surprised, but then. we’re sitting in the choir.


Greenleaf Center: Greenleaf Academy’s Course, Foundations of Servant Leadership, to Start in January
One of the Greenleaf Center’s 3 certificate programs, conducted virtually, is scheduled to begin in Mid-January.

Indiana Wesleyan University: Servant Leader Scholarship Competition Announced
Indiana Wesleyan announced a new scholarship competition program for servant leadership students in the honors college. Three students will be selected from the competition to receive scholarships ranging from $4,000 to $20,000. The competition begins in February.


Hub Pages: Leaders as Servants – Theoretical and Conceptual Models of Servant Leadership
Author Eric Coggins summarizes 7 different models of servant leadership. The models include Larry Spears, Jim Laub, Paul T. P. Wong and Don Page, Kathleen Patterson, John E. Barbuto & Wheeler, and Liden et al.

Chris LoCurto: Servant Leadership from a Quarterback
LoCurto highlights the example and quotes from Titans quarterback Matt Hasselbeck.

Serve To Lead: Netflix and Reed Hastings: Who Are They Serving?
Last month, James Strock brought you a perspective on Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s lack of servant leadership practices. This month, we have a similar perspective on Netflix.

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