Thanksgiving at the Office

Imagine… Thanksgiving is over. The stuffed turkey became Turkey sandwiches, the stuffing will remain for weeks and you’re likely to run out of ice cream long before the leftover pie. So what do you have to be thankful for, besides lots of great leftovers? Like most people, you undoubtedly gave thanks for your family and friends, health and countless other personal blessings. 

Giving Thanks for Professional Interests

Did you give thanks for your professional interests as well?

What about your team, customers, business partners and boss?

Giving Thanks for the Team

Did you give thanks for your team?

What about that night when they stayed late and cranked out the project in time to meet the deadline you promised?

Did you thank them then?

Did you thank them this weekend?

Giving Thanks for Customers

Did you give thanks for your customers?

Remember the customer that signed a big deal just in time for you to meet your quarterly numbers?

How did you show them your appreciation?

Giving Thanks for Business Partners

What about your business partners?

Remember that Value-Added Reseller that warned you about the product’s limitations before you wasted money on the wrong version?

When did you thank them?

Giving Thanks for the Boss

Finally, but certainly not least, did you thank your boss?

Remember when she pushed you to meet that tight deadline that she committed you to?

You worked hard, but met the deadline and the organization celebrated as a result. You got that award for going above and beyond. Your performance review looked great as a result. Maybe even that boss you did not like, the one that did not support your idea and created a real roadblock?

You still succeeded though, in part because you were stronger for their resistance. Did you thank them at all?

Tips on Thanks

Time is more precious than money.

“Thanks giving” does not require purchasing food or gifts.

It does not mean you must sign a bonus check or necessarily commit to a raise (though it certainly helps). No, time is more precious than money.

Stop by your team member’s office, visit your business partner for lunch or take that time to email your old boss and let them know how they helped your career.

Yes, we have plenty for which we are thankful. Certainly family, friends, health and other blessings in our personal lives are reason for gratitude. However, do not forget to show your gratitude to those in your professional life as well. Even those that challenged you.


Especially those that challenged you.

“Appreciate everything your associates do for the business. Nothing else can quite substitute for a few well-chosen, well-timed, sincere words of praise. They’re absolutely free and worth a fortune.”
– Sam Walton

On a personal Post Note. I want to thank that amazing team that knocked out a huge project, just in time for the Thanksgiving break. Now we all have reasons to give thanks for the incredible business results you delivered. Thank you all.


Picture of Ben Lichtenwalner

Ben Lichtenwalner

Ben Lichtenwalner is the founder and principal of Modern Servant Leader and Radiant Forest, LLC. He has studied and promoted servant leadership awareness and adoption for over 20 years. He is the author of 2 leadership books and has 2 decades of corporate management and leadership experience. His corporate experience spans CIO, VP, Director, and many management roles at Fortune 500, INC 500, and Nonprofits. Ben’s education includes a B.S. in Management Science & Information Systems from Penn State University and an MBA from Lehigh University. Ben's Full Profile Here: About Ben Lichtenwalner

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