The Top Servant Leadership Course Just Got Better

For years, our Servant Leadership 101 course has been the most popular, free, certificate program for anyone looking to learn servant leadership principles. We just made it even better!
The Servant Leadership 101 course logo. On the left is the Modern Servant Leader logo, with a graduation cap on top of it. to the right are seven icons, each representing a session of the course. On top is the text SERVANT-Leadership and below is the number "101".

Thousands of students, from around the world, have taken our initial version of the SERVANT-Leadership 101 course and earned their certificates. Now, we’ve updated and expanded the course to make it even better!

About the Servant Leadership Course

SERVANT-Leadership 101 is a course specifically designed for anyone interested in servant leadership, to learn the fundamental concepts, a brief history, core principles, and contemporary examples. The course is a self-paced, virtual program, with the following sessions:

Lesson 1: Welcome to Servant Leadership 101

A brief introduction to the course and overview of expectations.

Lesson 2: Unlearning Bad Leadership Principles

Sometimes, before we can travel down the correct path, we have to step off the wrong one.

Lesson 3: Flip Your Pyramid and Make a Circle

Learn the popular concept of the inverted pyramid model and the powerful idea of the leadership circle.

Lesson 4: History of Servant Leadership

Uncover the origins of servant leadership, how long it has existed, who was the first person to coin the term, and more.

Lesson 5: The Acronym Model of SERVANT Leadership®

Discover the one model of servant leadership that combines all others.

Lesson 6: Contemporary Servant Leader Examples

Go beyond the typical historical figures and learn of more contemporary leaders practicing servant leadership principles.

Lesson 7: Wrap-up, Certificate, & Next Steps

Congratulations! When you reach this session, you completed the course, receive your certificate and a challenge!

Your Certificate of Completion

Everyone who completes the course receives a customized, digital copy of the certificate of completion. The certificate includes:

  • Your Name
  • Current Date
  • Signature of Ben Lichtenwalner (founder of Modern Servant Leader)
A sample of the certificate with a large watermark over it. It is bright orange and blue colors and reads Certificate of Completion, with YOUR NAME, date, and more.

What's New?

We made many additions and improvements, including:

  • New Platform: We adopted a new technical platform that faster, more reliable, and frankly, more enjoyable.
  • Self-Paced: You can now advance through the program at your own pace. No more waiting for the next week’s email.
  • New Content: All sections have been updated, but especially the Contemporary leader examples.
  • Acronym Model: We added The Acronym Model of SERVANT Leadership®
  • Prettier Certificate: The certificate was given a makeover too – we hope you like it. 

Is it Still Free?

Only a short time longer. We’ve offered the program free for over 10 years. We must start charging a small fee for it soon. The increased costs of hosting servers, software, and features require us to compensate some of our costs to continue providing this service. As soon as we have enough people take it on the new platform and technology, we will begin charging a fee. So take it today, if you want it for free.

Get started by registering for this introduction to Servant Leadership course, SERVANT Leadership 101, at Virtual Leadership Programs:



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