Native Language Translations for Common Business Terms

Native Language – Use Common Phrases in Most Popular Languages

The world is shrinking. Across my career, I’ve worked on many multicultural and international teams. Today, I work directly with individuals who have a native language of English, Italian, Hindu, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese,  Spanish or Vietnamese. Based on my experiences, I wrote tips for leading global teams. In that post I recommend using simple terms […]

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Project Tailgaters & Brake Checkers

Two people are working on a project and it appears both are trying to get to the same destination. Yet one person demands greater risks for quicker results. This happens a lot, especially in organizations where near-term results and quarterly goals are prioritized over sustainability. As a result, employees are often competing for who can get the job done quicker and not necessarily who gets there with the best balance of risk and reward. Yet both the Brake Checker and the Tailgater have better options to serve their company.

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