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Modern Servant Leader offers training for organizations seeking a more focused group or classroom setting. Popular training programs span from high level introductions to SERVANT-Leadership, to the design, implementation, and delivery of comprehensive leadership development programs for entire companies. 


Here you can learn about the different types of servant leadership training, delivery methods, online options, and more.

Training Shortcuts

Types of Servant Leadership Training

Before choosing the best servant leadership training for yourself or your organization, consider the model, format, and location that best meets your needs.

Models of Servant Leadership

There are several different models of servant leadership. They include….

Individual Models: These are models based primarily on the experience and perspectives of a single individual. The most popular individual models include the Robert Greenleaf and James Hunter models.

Faith-Based Models: Every major world religion emphasizes servant leadership and has their own model for it.


Consolidated Model: At Modern Servant Leader, we lead training sessions in each of these models. However, our most popular is The Acronym Model of SERVANT Leadership®. This is the only consolidated model.


Instructor-Led Training

Virtual or On-Site

Whether you prefer a traditional, single site, in-person presentation or you need a global delivery, both in person and virtual, across multiple time zones, we can meet and exceed your needs.

Founder Ben Lichtenwalner stands and speaks in a meeting rom, gesturing to his left as he speaks, surrounded by executives who look and listening intently.

Free Online Training

The Servant Leadership 101: Introduction to Servant Leadership Principles course logo is the Modern Servant Leader logo, with a graduation cap on top. Surrounding it is each of the 6 session icons. Underneath it is the phrase: Servant Leadership 101.

The Most Popular Servant Leadership Certificate Program - and it's Free!

This email-based course takes you through the core principles and aspects of servant leadership. It is a 7 week program, delivered to your inbox, that includes:

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