Servant Leadership Assessments

Two Assessments to Choose From

We have two leadership assessments to offer: the Greenleaf / Spears Model or The Acronym Model of SERVANT Leadership Model®️. The details behind each follow. However, if this sounds too technical, feel free to use either for an initial assessment. They should drive similar assessments for the same individual.

Acronym Model-Based Assessment

The Newest Assessment

The Acronym Model of SERVANT Leadership®️ is the newest assessment. It’s based on research by Modern Servant Leader, aimed at consolidating the many different servant leadership models into one succinct, easy-to-remember and understand model.


The principles used here are Selflessness, Empathy, Resolve, Virtuousness, Authenticity, Nonpartisanship, and Thoroughness. The individual is given a score for each principle in addition to an overall result and recommended next steps.

The SERVANT Leadership Acronym graphic has SERVANT spelled down the left side in bright red. Next to each letter is the principle it represents and a description of that principle. The principles are Selflessness, Empathy, Resolve, Virtuousness, Authenticity, Nonpartisanship, and Thoroughness.

Greenleaf/Spears-Based Assessment

Robert Greenleaf / Larry Spears 10 Characteristics of Servant Leadership

Apologies, we’re working to repair this version soon. In the meantime, take the newer assessment, based on The Acronym Model of SERVANT Leadership®️.

The Greenleaf / Spears Model-Based Assessment: Our original assessment, this is based on the Greenleaf model of servant-leadership, as defined by Larry Spears. It uses the 10 characteristics to assess the individual’s leadership performance. These principles include Listening, Empathy, Healing, Awareness, Persuasion, Conceptualization, Foresight, Stewardship, Commitment to the Growth of People, and Building Community. The assessment uses 18 questions to give the person an overall performance rating.

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