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The following list of resources are all provided by Modern Servant Leader. If you cannot find a resource you need, ask Ben.

Looking for references to servant leadership principles by many of the greatest leadership experts in the world? Use this map (table) to find hundreds of attributes by dozens of authors.

Looking to measure your progress on the road toward servant leadership? Use this free assessment tool. Many clients use these in their performance reviews or academic programs.

Do you want a free online training for an introduction to servant leadership? Then join our weekly, 6 lesson course.

Check out our collection of videos on servant leadership topics.

Many of the best run organizations in the world emphasize Servant Leadership. We maintain this list of organizations who claim to practice, develop, and / or value servant leadership.

If you or someone you know if just getting started, learning about servant leadership, this is a great list of books, presentations, videos, and historical figures to study.

This is one of our most popular resources! It’s a collection of quotes about servant leadership and its core principles. 

Wow, you’re really serious about servant leadership! That’s awesome. Here’s a list of colleges and universities with servant leadership academic programs.

Many studies prove leadership development programs, and similar management training programs, to be the best investments a company can make. Use these free calculators to provie it for your organization.

Other Sources...

For more free resources, check out these other websites… 

The Spears Center for Servant Leadership Icon - an upside down triangle with a metallic sheen

A great advocate and partner of Modern  Servant Leader, Larry Spears is the person responsible for extracting the most popular 10 Characteristics of servant leaders, from Robert Greenleaf’s writings. He was CEO of The Greenleaf Center for nearly 20 years. He continues at The Spears Center.

Robert Greenleaf is cited as the first person to use the term, “servant leadership”. The center that bears his name is among the leading institutions for academic research on the topic, especially focusing on Greenleaf’s writings and reflections upon those writings.

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